As accomplished New York City physicians and loving parents of an autistic child, doctors Lisa A. Liberatore, MD. and Dimitri N. Kessaris, MD. tend to look at the world through a different lens than most. Every product they use in their busy lives is heavily scrutinized for the safety and health impact it has on them and their family.

As physicians, they understand a product’s effects on a molecular level. As parents, they simply won’t compromise when it comes to health and safety of their family and friends. So when the two became increasingly frustrated with the misleading ingredient labels and dangerous chemicals found in products in their home, they knew there had to be a better, safer alternative.

Smart Stuff was born from necessity, and based on one simple concept: well-designed products should work great day in and day out without compromising your health. While the concept was simple, the execution and realization of a full line of lifestyle and skin care products that met this principle was anything but.

Together, with a team of skin care professionals, the two began developing products to address the areas of most concern to them. Their first products were a safe and effective mineral based sunscreen and all natural insect repellent. These products were soon followed with a complete line of skincare using some of the finest natural botanicals and bio-tech derived ingredients available.

Today, what started as basic need of two ambitious doctors motivated by the love of their autistic child has evolved into something bigger than they ever could have imagined. We become inattentive to our health needs and neglect proper eating, sleeping, and the knowledge conducive to our well-being that it leaves us to ignore so many other important parts of our life – family and health. SMART STUFF products allow you to take the guesswork out of choosing the right product, leaving you free to enhance and protect the moments that matter without compromising safety and health.

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